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 Towards a socially responsible and sustainable community


Actively caring for our environment and the wellbeing of current and future generations

Minutes of Last Meeting:  HERE

Next Meeting: 7.30pm Wednesday 18th Jan 2023, Parish Church Room - Agenda HERE

New -  Round Robin Number One

See it HERE

Footpath Group: Formed in the spring of 2021 as an offshoot of the Stoke Environment Group, the aim is to encourage people to walk round and across fields and vary their walks to get to know the lovely countryside that surrounds the village. See more HERE

VILLAGE WALKS: Eight circular walks around Stoke now available to download HERE

Feb 2022: Update to LINKS page with links to ideas and articles that have been featured on our Facebook page

Our Vision Statement


A rural community that is friendly, inclusive and resilient, where people share skills, ideas, knowledge, experience and time.  A connected and healthy community, where everyone can get around with minimal carbon emissions.  A green community that is rich in wildlife, that encourages biodiversity and cares for all species.  An empowered community, where every individual can make a positive difference for the benefit of all.  A socially responsible and sustainable community where we actively care for our environment and the wellbeing of current and future generations.

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