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Reusing Christmas Cards


Please Don't Throw Away Your Christmas Cards!

    If you are keeping them to reuse them, make gift tags or tree decorations, that's great. Here's a link to start looking at how you might use them

    If you're not saving them yourself, please do put them in one of the boxes that will be round the village in the next few days.

What Will Happen to Them?

    If you haven't already, we will take off all the personal greetings and that will go to a recycling centre. What happens next will depend on how many we collect. Some time around October we aim to hold at least one workshop on reusing cards on a new base, where people can choose designs for their own 2022 Christmas Cards, and make them there.

    We shall aim for a basic sized card of 12 cm x 12 cm. This will fit in a home made envelope made from scrap A4 paper - something else to start saving. Other sizes can be used for gift tags, coasters or decorations.

    Yet another thing to save are cereal packets. They are just about the right thickness and stiffness to make cards. More on this later when we see how many old cards we have.


How Much Will It Cost?

   Hopefully, very nearly nothing. Apart from hiring a room for the workshop(s), the only material we should need to buy is adhesive - something like Pritt Stick for making envelopes, and some envelope gum that goes sticky when you wet it.

   If we end up with hundreds of cards for sale, we don't think charities should suffer because of our project. The idea is that if cards, or makings, are sold, any money received would be donated to a previously nominated local charity.

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