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FOOD WASTE  (Using All We Can)


As UK households we waste 6.5 million tonnes of food every year, 4.5 million of which is edible. We’re not just talking egg shells or chicken bones. We mean the last few bites from my plate that I couldn’t quite manage, or bread crusts, or potato peelings – all stuff which could have been transformed into something delicious.

"Love Food Hate Waste" (Web site HERE) is a very good starting point for anyone interested in reducing the amount of food they waste. As they point out: "The average family of four can save just over £60 per month by reducing their food waste. Whether you’re doing the food shop or ordering a meal at a restaurant, every decision is an opportunity to save food from the bin. If you don’t want a side salad, ask for your meal without it. If you won’t make good use of the extra portion, don’t be tempted by it. And if you can’t finish your main, ask for a doggy bag! Food is made to be loved, so that’s what we should do."


The BBC 'Good Food' Section has some useful material on food waste (see HERE)  Reminding us that misshapen, marked, discoloured or oddly sized fruit and vegetables often don’t meet the standards of the marketplace (up to 20-40% are thrown away before even leaving the farm). There are suggestions and recipes to help avoid throwing away leftovers and surplus food.


Somerset’s first Food Waste Week runs from 6th - 12th March 2023 - 7 days devoted to promoting the reduction food waste and recycling anything that’s left.


 Last year more than 46,000 tonnes was collected from our kerbsides – roughly half of it in rubbish bins. About a quarter of the contents of the average Somerset refuse bin was wasted food – of that, a third could have been eaten and another third was thrown away still in its packaging. Starting Monday SWP will be promoting hints, tips and advice on how you can cut your food waste, covering:

why it’s important

buying better

making the most of leftovers

understanding food labelling

savvy storage

making the most of your fridge and freezer

how to present food waste


They want your ideas too. Whether it’s a lovely leftovers recipe, a clever storage hack, or a cunning approach to meal planning. Share them here for the chance to win a beeswax wrap to help with home food storage – made by Somerset bees (with help from the Somerset Beekeepers Association). Please get involved! There will be a dedicated information and guidance on the SWP website (Click HERE) and plenty of posting on the @somersetwaste Facebook page. On Wednesday, 8 March, you can join them from 1-2pm for a live Facebook Q&A at the Community Council for Somerset’s Talking Café and will be there to answer all your food waste questions Recycling is great, but reducing is even better!

Alternatively, send your ideas to us and we will put them together on this page

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