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Glut Recipes

Autumn - Apples, Beans, Courgettes, Damsons, E?, F?, G? . . .

zCourgette Pie.jpg

This one originated in Diana Silk's kitchen. It came to us via Sally Morrice and then Karen Gormley.

Sticking with courgettes, amongst other things, here is Sarah Evans' recipe for chutney.

"The main ingredients of most chutneys are malt vinegar, soft brown sugar, raisins or sultanas and add whatever you have a glut of - courgettes, runner beans, beetroot, apples, pears, green tomatoes, etc. Guess other quantities as it starts to cook." In fact you need to guess all the quantities, and guess how long it takes. If you would like a little help try this courgette chutney recipe HERE


Susan Crabbe used a Gordon Ramsey recipe for Gazpacho - see HERE "This is what I made yesterday with my cucumber and tomato glut. Although, looking at the weather today, I would have been better off making hot tomato soup!"

Dave Evans has a few more suggestions for using up the courgette glut.

Seared Courgettes: Heat a griddle pan until very hot (maybe open all the windows first). Cut the courgettes into 5mm slices and lay on a large plate. Brush the tops of the slices with oil then put them oil side down on the griddle. Let them smoke until they are charred. Brush tops with oil and turn over. Cook until second side is charred. Season, and eat hot, or cool for a salad.

Pan Fried Courgettes: Cut the courgettes into 5mm slices and lay on a large plate. Dust the topes with flour and wait for the flour to get absorbed by the veg liquid. Turn the slices over and dust again. Repeat until a crust has formed on the slices then fry in shallow fat on a medium heat. Alternatively, bake in a single layer in a moderate oven (around 180 degC).

Grated Courgette: Grate the courgettes and freeze in boxes or bags. Use in winter soups and stews.


Courgette Fritters: Grate the courgettes into a large bowl. Add any seasoning - salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, mint, etc. Add some plain flour and keep adding small amounts and stirring as the courgettes give up their juice, until you have the right consistency. Fry in shallow heat over moderate heat. [This works best if you use gram (chickpea) flour as it binds the mixture better.] The fritters are improved if you add some grated carrot or beetroot.

Let's have some more recipes! What are we going to do with all those runner beans?

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