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We've all done it. The tissue that blew away an a windy day. The empty can we didn't notice when we cleared up after the picnic. But hopefully anyone reading this is not a 'litterer'. There have been litter picking days around the village, and a few dedicated individuals have picked away quietly over the years.

We are now aiming to get the whole village covered on a regular basis. Apart from 'Keeping Stoke Tidy', the theory is that the less litter lying around - the less likely people are to drop more. If you can help, please get in touch It doesn't matter how small an area you can deal with, but it would useful to know exactly where.

To date (August 2021), people have volunteered to litter pick regularly in the following areas:


Playing Field

Pincombe Drove

Pound Drove

North Drove

Slough Lane

Willey Road

Huntham Close

Huntham Lane

Church Close

The activity is already making a difference, but areas still looking for volunteers include Meare Green, Griggs Hill, Dark Lane, Polkes Field, Churley, Curload and Windmill. If you can take on any or part of these (or indeed parts of those roads already covered), do please get in touch


No, it couldn't happen here?

Animals may get trapped or poisoned with litter in their habitats. Cigarette butts are a threat to wildlife and have been found in the stomachs of fish and birds, who have mistaken them for food. Also animals can get trapped in the rubbish and be in serious discomfort. For example, the plastic used to hold beverage cans together can get wrapped around animals' necks and cause them to suffocate as they grow. Other instances where animals could be harmed by litter include broken glass lacerating the paws of dogs, cats, and other small mammals. Lets do what we can to help them.

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