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Take photos any time before the end of May 2022


Four age categories: under 12 years; 13 - 17 years; 18 – 59 years; and over 60 years.

This Competition is to raise awareness of the natural world around Stoke St Gregory, and to encourage us all to take an interest how the natural environment plays a part in our lives.  Being out taking photos can help us appreciate our surroundings. We encourage you to submit a photograph, taken between January and May 2022 in the Parish of Stoke St Gregory, that captures an example of the natural world. The best photographs in each of four age ranges will be awarded a prize at the Envirofair 22.


Photographs may be taken using a simple ‘everyday’ device such as digital camera, mobile phone, tablet etc.  No editing or ‘photoshoping’ of the image will be allowed.

Photographs will be accepted in digital format at any time between 1 January and 31 May 2022.  There will be no specific topics, but the photograph must be taken in the Parish and is expected to capture a natural subject – it can be flora or fauna and any native species of either.  So the photograph can feature anything from an earthworm to a sunset!  To ensure the quality is maintained when printed, images must be of 2Mb size, at least.

A panel of SEG members will be formed to judge the winner of each age category.  If possible, a guest ‘celebrity’ judge will be included.

The top four photographs will be printed, mounted and framed.  Permission will be sought to display each picture in the HOTV Coffee Shop for three months after which, the framed photograph will be presented to the originator.  

So, Get Snapping!


If you fancy a few tips and handy hints here are a few links to other web sites:

Naturehood HERE

Natural History Museum HERE


Ephotozine HERE

Countryfile HERE

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