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These pages do not contain personal or sensitive information and are not password protected, but there are no links from our main web site pages. They are designed to help steering group members to keep abreast of developments and hopefully keep information that may not have been saved or found its way into your diary. If other members express an interest in being involved in particular projects you may wish to direct them here. 

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2023 Project Plan - Click HERE (See below for informal descriptions)


Grafting Workshop
Andrew has ordered some apple tree root stock, but he is still awaiting delivery. This practical grafting demonstration will be held as soon as possible. Open to all SEG members, maximum of 15 people. The new grafts will be potted for planting in the autumn.


Saturday 25th February – meet at 10 am to finish off the winter work, and put up the new bird boxes. Bring a friend.


"inaturalist" - Identifying and recording wildlife in the parish. If you want to join in, the main site is HERE and you can download the "SEEK" app, which helps identify species, HERE  Maybe a few of us could have a little practice session sometime?


Stoke News: c. 20th May 2023

Parish News: c. 6th March 2023

The Leveller: 25th February 2023

Please let Ian know in good time if you think there is something that should be included in our reports.

The following is a more informal description of what we have agreed to concentrate on in the coming months (February 2023). More ideas, please about how they can best be developed via email or the WhatsApp group

Management of the Village Hall Spinney


This is the second year of the long-term plan to improve the biodiversity of the Spinney – and to make it more attractive.  Some coppicing and clearing of dead wood last year.  This year plan to clear weeds and dead vegetation, some light coppicing and pruning, placement of bird boxes and feeders and min-beast hotel.  Bulbs planted in autumn, looking forward to seeing some bluebells, snow drops and wood anemones.


Bus-Stop Sprucing


There are three bus stops in the village – Royal Oak, Woodhill Terrace and Polkesfield.  The plan is to tidy and clean Woodhill Terrace bus stop and to repaint Royal Oak bus stop.  Also plan to provide a public notice board in the bus stop and some solar-powered lighting.  This work will make the bus stops more pleasant to use and encourage us to support our bus service.


Telephone Box Refurbishment


Thanks to the Parish Council, a few volunteers have cleaned and repainted our telephone box in Willey Road.  SEG has now planted some shrubs and bulbs in the bank adjacent to the box.  Now what to do?  SEG will ensure the box is cleaned up again and made waterproof – we could use it as an information point or many other things.  Have you any ideas how we could best utilise our only telephone box.


Curload Nature Area


We are working with a local resident who has a small area of wild ground and who would like SEG to undertake a little TLC to encourage wildlife.  We need to prune some invasive vegetation, clean out a pond area (and make it accessible to wildlife) and generally do very little!  We might even place a bench there so passers by can enjoy a little area of tranquillity.




We are now planning our third Environment Fair which will take place at The Village Hall on Saturday 3 June 2023.  The format will be similar to last year but with lots more exhibits and things to do for young and old – we hope it doesn’t rain this year!!  We will also have some talks and presentation, refreshments and activities to keep everyone busy all day.  Who will commit to what?




We are aware that some of our community are less able to walk longer distances without a sit down.  So we are making a plan of the village, and talking to landowners about siting some new benches around the village.  This will encourage people to get fresh air and enjoy our environment in a carbon-free and sustainable way.  


Apple Pressing


We live, of course, in an area where there are lots of delicious apples grown.  There are apple trees everywhere and we hate to see their fruit go to waste.  So this year we hope to borrow some equipment to press the apples and make some lovely, local apple juice.  We will supply the equipment, bottles and labels, you supply the apples and take samples home.  The date is dependent of the trees!  It is likely to be September or October time – we will advertise the event as soon as we have a date.


Colourful Verges


Last autumn, SEG and village volunteers planted around 1000 bulbs in the village.  We are looking forward to seeing how successful we have been when they pop up in the spring.  Next autumn, we plan to do the same so over the years, our village will be really colourful – and we are including lots of native species to encourage bees and other pollinators to visit us!  Where would you like to see some bulbs planted?


Walkways and Paths


This is an ongoing project where we are maintaining our local paths.  We work closely with the County Footpaths Officer who has been a tremendous help liaising with landowners and getting fences and stiles fixed.  We have also produced some guides for locals and visitors to better appreciate our countryside.  More paths to explore and more to write about!


Quarterly Talks


This is a new project where we hope we can organise a quarterly talk or presentation on a theme close to the hearts of SEG members.  They may be on local environment issues, or how to save energy, or bird spotting.  Any number of subjects and possibilities.  What would you like to hear about?


Community Woodland Garden


This is a long term project which starts with finding a small area of land within the community that could be used to establish a community-run woodland garden cum green space.  Lots of possibilities – but land is the issue.  SEG is working hard to find some land and after that, we will have a major project on our hands.   

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