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For details of the Steering Group see HERE

Vision Statement


A rural community that is friendly, inclusive and resilient where people share skills, ideas, knowledge, experience and time.  A connected and healthy community, where everyone can get around with minimal carbon emissions.  A green community that is rich in wildlife, that encourages biodiversity and cares for all species.  An empowered community, where every individual can make a positive difference for the benefit of all.  A socially responsible and sustainable community where we actively care for our environment and the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Mission Statement

  1. To share information, enabling constructive dialogue around sustainability and supporting positive behaviour change

  2. To identify opportunities to support and enable the reduction of carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases and waste

  3. To respect, protect and restore our natural environment by fostering greater community awareness

  4. To create a self-reliant and environmentally resilient Parish where community cohesion and well-being are enhanced



  1. To make a positive contribution towards finding practical and affordable ways of reducing carbon emissions in our community

  2. To champion environmental awareness by working with all ages and experience and sharing reliable information that will lead towards a greater understanding of our impact on the natural world

  3. To support our natural world, and where possible, increase the diverse range of birds, plants, insects and mammals in our community

  4. To promote practises that have a positive and lasting benefit on our environment

  5. To encourage participation and inclusivity in the group’s work leading to an improvement in personal wellbeing and sense of belonging

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