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February 2022 Williams Hall Spinney  Managing and coppicing to create new wildlife habitats See more HERE

March 2022 - Composting Workshop  - Nicky Scott, composting expert, will be running a workshop to help us improve our compost. Saturday 19th March, 10am-2pm See more HERE

January 2022 - Hedge Around the Village Hall  - The hedge will be planted on Saturday 29th January 2022. See more HERE

Footpath Maintenance -  Working with Landowners to maintain and improve our footpath network. See the work of the Footpath Group HERE

Environment Fair  See the report of the 2021 Fair HERE

Hedgehogs  For progress to date see HERE

The Green Home A book to help you ecofy your home. More HERE

We have also produced a task list which covers all the possible projects we have identified to date. It is available HERE

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