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Stoke Environment Group is an Unincorporated Association with a constitution, vision statement, mission statement and set of objectives. A mailing list exists, consisting of people who have signed up as supporters or helpers.


The Constitution can be found HERE

The roles filled to date are:

Lead Coordinator/Chair - Ian Upshall

Administrator (/Secretary) – Fi McQueen

Financial Manager - Polly Burns-Cox

Media Management– Dave Evans

Grants and Funding – Dave Smith

Primary School Liaison – Ian Upshall

Footpaths - Sarah Evans

There are no leaders of Working Groups at this stage.  These appointments may be made in the future as the group grows and the number of tasks increase.

The group's GDPR Policy can be found HERE

Steering Group members are (October 2022) are:

Karen Housego, Dave Smith, Jason Morgan, Andrew Boyle, Polly Burns-Cox, Sarah Evans, Fi McQueen, Ian Upshall, Nicolette Williams, Emma Arthurs, Ali Katt 

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