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NEW March 2023

Two important events coming up from Somerset Wildlife Trust on adapting to Climate Change

One in Burnham-on-Sea on 21st March - Click HERE and

One in Glastonbury on 23rd March - Click HERE    While you're there have a look at all their other events.

Carbon Savvy - a leaflet to help us get started on lightening our carbon footprint. Available HERE

Idling - vehicles not us. Does it annoy you? Some myths busted. See HERE


Woodland Trust: Identifying empty nests HERE

From the Guardian: Revival of 'Gleaning' in vegetable fields HERE

If you're thinking of cloth nappies, have a look HERE

From the R.S.P.B.: Helping birds through the rough weather HERE

Woodland Trust: Thinking of planting trees, but need some help? It's HERE

This booklet might inspire you to make some small changes that will help you reduce the amount of food you waste in your home HERE

Working For Wildlife: Farmland Bird Identification Guide; How to make a Barn Owl Nest Box; How to create the ultimate insect hotel. Download HERE

Local Web Links

Local Articles

Hedges - An article by Paul Parmenter

Soil - an article by Charlotte Sundquist, our Footpaths Officer

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