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  Understanding the challenge

  Undertaking nature surveys

  Monitoring endangered species

  Wildflower planting

  Developing and implementing solutions to support and increase                   biodiversity

Hedges & Trees

  Surveys and mapping of species and locations

  Identifying improvements and planting opportunities

  Developing and maintaining a positive relationship with landowners

  Planting new hedges and trees to increase the community’s Carbon          Capture and to support species reliant on these habitats

  Managing communal resources

Mobility & Transport

  Mapping paths, tracks and permissive routes etc.

  Improving signage and guides

  Identifying improvements to access whilst respecting coexisting natural      habitats

  Encouraging responsible use of motor transport

  Providing improved facilities and encouraging healthy exercise

Resources & Information Hub

  Working with, and supporting, education and information providers

  Providing nature information around the village

  Connect with young people in our community and respond to their               concerns

  Construct a ‘library’ of information on environmental success stories           and practical guidance

Home Energy & Waste Management

  Providing guidance on practical measures that lead to a reduction in the       use of energy and increase carbon capture

  Identifying grants and funding to reduce the impact of carbon (and             other gas) emissions

  Identifying and coordinating initiatives that will minimise unnecessary         waste and preserve our natural resources

  Identify and coordinate projects that help people adopt the principle of       ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink’

We have produced a task list which covers all the possible projects we have identified to date. It is available HERE

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