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Guest Speakers in the Meeting Room


Somerset Butterflies with Tony Speiss


‘Butterfly Conservation’ currently has over 30 Nature Reserves all over the United Kingdom - all havens for butterflies and moths. Colonies of butterflies surviving in small isolated pockets of land are vulnerable. Research has shown that they can be encouraged to spread their wings and expand but only if they don't have to fly too far.
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Tony & Anna Spiess are Honorary Reserve Wardens at the Mount Fancy Farm Reserve. This consists of 27 ha of wet grassland, scrub and woodland, plus ancient oaks, on the lower slopes of the Blackdown Hills, facing north but open to the sun.

See their website HERE


Somerset Wildlands with Alasdair Cameron

'Somerset Wildlands' raises money to buy and manage land, allowing it to provide space for nature restoration and rewilding.  Somerset Wildlands is using a process of 'distributed rewilding', which they are calling ‘stepping stones’. This will seek to develop a network of sites throughout the Levels – small (less than10 acres) or large (more than100 acres).

See their website HERE



Owl Experience - Sharandy’s Bird Sanctuary


Sharandy’s Bird Sanctuary is a private Bird of Prey Centre based near Chard’ It was established in 2007 and now has 30 Birds and over 80 animals. It is also part of Raptor Rescue and for injured and sick wild birds of prey.

Owls are specialised birds with round heads and flat or dished faces. They have forward-facing eyes and a short, hooked bill. Most are nocturnal, but they are often also active at dawn and dusk. Many species are resident but others move around and settle wherever there is plentiful food. Residents may rear regular families of three or four chicks each year, while nomadic ones may have more or less depending on local conditions. Owls are found all over the temperate and tropical parts of the world.

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