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Fixy Van


Average Somerset households hold on to 20 unwanted electrical items. Fixy’s first year is dedicated to giving anything with a plug or batteries a new lease of life if it stops working, and helping people to get things mended rather than throwing them away. Fixy will be at our Envirofair.

The initiative is led by the Resource Futures consultancy, in partnership with Somerset Waste Partnership and Donate-IT, a local community interest company that refurbishes laptops, tablets and phones, and distributes them to families who need them. The van has a collection point for these items and Donate-IT will securely data-wipe donations.

So, bring along your broken, and/or unwanted, electrical items on

Saturday 25th June 10 am - 4 pm

Every year, we throw away millions of tons of electrical and electronic items. Recycling is good, but reuse is even better, and it is often surprisingly easy to fix things. Not only can you save money, materials and energy, but repair is a useful action against climate change. Why not love your stuff for longer?

Check out some good advice from SWP HERE

And to look at the idea of a 'Circular Economy' click HERE

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